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“To build a city where it is impossible is madness but to build there the most elegant and grandest of all cities is genius” Alexander Herzen

The buildings, rising from the water, present a mesmerising sight and form what is the most magnificent of cities in the world attracting a tourist flux of approximately 33.5 million per year.

Owning a hotel or property in Venice undoubtedly offers opportunities for income, capital appreciation and status.

Occupancy rate (OR) varies from 65% to 85% between low and peak season with a yearly average of 70% bringing a steady return to a property investment.

The average daily rate (ADR) is among the highest in Europe at approximately EUR 161 for 3/4-star hotels and EUR 430 for 5-star hotels with revenue per available room (RevPar) at approximately EUR 112 and EUR 301 respectively. Buyers looking to rent a Hotel or property can expect rental yields in the range 4-6%.

Property prices in Venice are underpinned by a limited supply of unique, artistic and historical buildings. Depending on location, prices of already renovated properties have not suffered the 2008 crises remaining between 14,000 – 18,000 EUR/m2 and proved a good asset for wealth preservation. On the contrary prices of properties to be refurbished have declined to approximately 8000 EUR/m2 and are now providing investors with an opportunity for capital appreciation as well as future wealth preservation.

A discerning investor will know that owning a property in this distinctive environment is one of the best ways to preserve/create wealth with the addition of status; not surprisingly wealthy individuals and celebrities are known to have an asset here.

We are proud to be able to offer you few orange gems in this blue glass plate that is Venice.



撒丁岛红珊瑚海岸独栋海角别墅€ 350万欧元

撒丁岛红珊瑚海岸独栋海角别墅€ 350万欧元

撒丁岛红珊瑚海岸独栋海角别墅€ 350万欧元

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